the company of


"When people ask me what equipment I use - I tell them; my eyes..."

 - Anonymous

"In photography there is a reality so

subtle, it becomes more real than


 - Alfred Stieglitz


"The instrument is not the

camera but the photographer..."

 - Eve Arnold


Located in the East of England, we deliver 

a wide range of visual commissions built around a clean ethos; the creation of fine imagery, through a progressive control of luminance and hue. Essential to the DNA of a photograph, is LIGHT. It can be sensitively tuned from ambient space, and in keeping with how captivating images should appear, invasive flash use is hushed away wherever possible. Abrasive glare is the foe, we endeavour to dance around it. A quote from Teal Scott; "To make the darkness conscious, is to turn the shadow into light...”

A broad array of options are afforded to our

customer's end-product; from ultra-minimalist to 

exquisitely housed USB Drives, simple Photo Books or sumptuous Albums of the finest materials. Each and every shot is presented in sublime colour and definition. Our pristine monochromes are no less defined. Aside from emergencies, client specifics are generally arranged well in advance of shooting. Objectively priced for our work, we're proud in not being compelled to dull the company's ideology with acquisitive sales practices and artificially veiled promotion. imagikaimage is a humble supporter of a number of global institutions such as Friends of the Earth, and we're working to leave a more eco-conscious footprint within the environment; a greatly reduced paper trail, through objectives such as brochure-free operations, was a viable start. Moving forward, if it isn't absolutely essential, we don't want it. 

The company employs advanced dynamic optics and hardware from industry leaders Canon, Leica, and Hasselblad. Additionally, precise, non-destructive techniques in the

repair and polish of vintage/degraded images are 

meticulously undertaken. The freshly healed may

wear our watermarked logo. Nice! 

In every minute today, a gazillion images are captured, cropped and clarified inside a whirlpool of ever smarter mobile devices. So many pictures, instantly

produced, primped and posted to the void by legions of snappers. That's just dandy. Photography is a life enhancing 

diversion, and with this in mind, 'quantity' over calculative 

'quality', is a perfectly respectable trade-off. 

The more shiny happy photos, the less monotone life will be. 

An observation on something not quite so appealing; 

a look at the scores of self-appointed 'Professionals' within today's frenetic landscape.

Those who remain indifferent to the key skills necessary for excellence in this field; advanced precisional know-how, and an exceptional affinity in what the eye perceives. The latter, is not an easy trait to acquire. All too often, we hear of 

clients waiting months-on-end for an overpriced 

quantity of 'blah, blah, blah'☹︎ 

You see, what ultimately figures in this Noble

Art of Photography, is talent.

And 'blah, blah, blah...' isn't good enough.  

At imagikaimage, capturing those special occasions on an OcularLight Processing Image Machine, is to tip-toe 

Through The Looking Glass, and beyond...


...precious moments to all


Lead Photographer

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defines what we do..."